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Filipe Branquinho @ Jack Bell Gallery

The fascinating notion of the photographer intertwining the background, scenery or landscape with the subject in question- has always been something I look forward to seeing whilst visiting photography exhibitions. Unusually but also captivatingly opposing this notion is Photographer Filipe Branquinho. Branquinho invites the viewer to see through his perception of contemplating the ‘inside out’. Divided by contemporary frames is the background environment of Rua de Bagmoyo and tranquil nude female models. The impression that I grasped from this exhibtion was quite different to the reviews I have read about. I immediately began to look at these portraits- and landscapes as pure architecture. The photographs individually compliment the importance of the divine intersection. The angles of the female human body were much like the incline of the structural building design. The hues were strong, vivid and cinematic giving me a chance to empathise with the subject but also feel the aura of the atmosphere. The skill of photography amazes me, to be able to evoke an emotion/ feeling through a still is an intelligent craft. …

Attraction:Ten-8 Photographic Journal

I completed a voluntary position at the Stuart Hall Arts Library. I have always been fond of the library since the archive, space and location is all to my liking. I thought taking on this position will not only aid me with my research but also my personal journey of stepping out of my reclusive bubble. The interview went well but most definitely could of gone better. Its just so difficult for me to communicate how much I want something when I’m so passionate about it. Do you guys ever feel that way? Luckily, I got the position and was immediately amazed by the magnitude of the collection. Whilst handling books, periodicals and exhibition catalogues that were older than I (by decades), an instant sense of belonging rushed over me. To go in to a library that caters directly to your interests is the most amazing experience. Though most of the voluntary work depended upon organisation, we were able to look at the collections and note down what intrigued us. Whilst organising the Journals, I …

Behind The Caribbean- July ’13

I visited both St.Lucia and Dominica in July/August. I have been plenty of times to both islands before but this time was different. Perhaps age has everything to do with perspective. I’ve never seen such an intertwine of beauty and discord. It was an upsetting, uplifting and learning experience. I can’t wait to paint some of these images. I’ve taken more photos but for me, this is personal, here’s a little peak in to my culture/journey. Enjoy! Copywritten by The Visual Life (TVL) © July 2013 Like this post? Visit Behind Mallorca

Behind Mallora- June ’13

Here are a few pictures of my recent trip to Mallorca- Spain. I was coming home pre-thinking about what to write as a wordpress post. Now, I’m here evaluating the photos, I see that many speak for themselves. This is behind the ‘party island’. Every time I travel, I return with a new mindset and a changed vibration. Something is telling me I will no longer reside in London. I want to see more of the World. The pictures were taken in Palma city,Palmanova and the Art Museum Esbaluard Copywritten by The Visual Life (TVL) © June 2013 Like this piece? Read Wanderlust

Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou @Jack Bell Gallery

I am so excited to say that I have now viewed the Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou exhibition at the Jack Bell Gallery. Showcasing his new show ‘Citizens of Porto-Novo’ Agbodjelou challenges both the social means and perception of Porto-Novo’s body builders. Whilst of course, beautifying Africa’s traditional colours,prints and culture. There is an immediate vibrancy when you enter JB’s intimate gallery. The scale of the pieces throw you in to the photographs. I believe the core subject to this exhibition was the combination of a dramatised act with an authetic touch, this series tells a colourful story. I love to see powerful hues opposing and complimenting each other in harmony. The concept of the flowers was such a wondrous feature. The instant difference between a figure of masculinity holding an object with pride of which coinsides with feminity was visually compelling. I’m thinking about the colours and getting so excited because I plan to travel to Africa very soon! Best photographic exhibition I have seen in a very long time! 1-25 May Free Admission!

Instagram: Are we talking?

Does anyone remember the times when we used to develop photographs? Wistful moments of sitting in my living room looking at countless funny photos of younger days? Happier moments? Why don’t we have that anymore? I understand that the evolution of technology is envitable and life has to move forward. But do we really have to let go of the memory keepers? I have been battling with myself whether to get Instagram back again. I was thinking a while ago that many of these apps are a huge barrier to actual human conversation. I can see the business opportunities and such that come along with it, but life still has to be lived outside of it all. Right? My assured love for taking photos and attraction to documentation sticks to the ‘Pro’s’ side of the fence. However, my amity with fresh conversation and genuine reaction tells me otherwise. For now, I’m going to stick to printing. I have a vision later on in life, which is so very (and ironically) similar to my childhood memoirs.

Book Review: Widow Basquiat

Many years ago I studied Jean Michel-Basquiat in High School. I was truly enamoured by the content and context of his work. In 2010 I watched the popular documentary based on his life by Tamara Davis. This documentary was incredibly eye opening to his talent, concepts, motivations and passion- yet, the affect his lifestyle had on his nearest and dearest was left quite elusive. (This is a must watch by the way). No too long ago I picked up this book,and (you guessed it) didn’t put it down. It is based on the journey of Suzannes (One of Basquiat’s lovers) life and how it completely changed when she met Jean. Strangely authored by Jennifer Clement (A Mutual friend of there’s) but also has the inclusion of Suzannes esoteric moments of thought. Clement tells the story of the life and times in 1980’s New York; from racial resistance to art institutional critique. What did it mean to be a young black artist, creating, selling and taking complete ownership of his rhetoric in white institutions? After Clement …