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SYFU Newspaper

My second publication feature (with sorryyoufeeluncomfortable) is out- and has been for quite some time. Myself and Zarina Muhammad have a conversation in connection with our pieces created for the James Baldwin Project in the summer of last year. We also deliberate forms of representation, identity politics and Artist dispositions. You can buy it here!       Advertisements

Sorry you feel uncomfortable

There are times when I have so many ideas, so much work and not enough confidence. I’m trying. As you all have been questioning- the reclusive bubble is still there; always there. The only way I can pop it (I’ve realised) is to do ‘things’. Therefore, I’m doing a lot of things. I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to be a part of a collective for Rivington Place (The gallery that I’m so passionate about). This has proved to be one of the most enriching, challenging and educational experiences yet. Though I’m still in the middle of my paintings I wanted to share the exhibition on Friday 22nd August 2014. The collective is called SORRYYOUFEELUNCOMFORTABLE. Though I wasn’t there for the name choice, it speaks to me and my works on an array of levels. It fits, as most of the time I am the one who feels uncomfortable. As for writing- I have been to exhibitions, experienced it, felt it but just haven’t typed it. Sometimes I feel like thats exactly …

Book Review- The Diary of Frida Kahlo

To present your lifes journey and delve deep in to who you really are showcases vulnerability at its heighest point. It is of great difficulty to communicate the fear of life or the depiction of ones life struggles. Frida Kahlo documents the fight between health, love and artistry in ‘The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An initimate self portrait’. Having once studied Kahlo’s work, I have always felt a connection within the representation of culture and reality. However, dissecting this diary I have a new found passion for questioning the notions of self portraiture. What does it actually mean to embody ‘self’? Kahlo went through many earlier health struggles and later on in her teenage years suffered a near death experience (of which is illustrated in the majority of her famous paintings). Though many of us know the story and the paintings, we forget the writing. As I read on through the diary, which of course has pages of paintings and sketches, I began to get emotional. It is almost as though you can feel her …


Thank you for your encouragement, your words and your incredible friendship. Here are my The Visual Life Highlights The Little Things, Widow Basquiat Review, Keywords Exhibition, Attractions-Periodicals,Artist Talk Boyce & Karkis, Magical People,Tagore’s Universal Allergories,Kara Walker & Berlin.

Beautiful Berlin

Earlier this month I had the chance to visit Berlin, Germany. It was extremely inspiring towards the progression of my practice and visual understanding of another Art capital city. Here are a few of the visuals I found most captivating. I also created another piece of documentation. Insight travel documents. All photography is copywritten by The Visual Life © (TVL)

Attraction:Ten-8 Photographic Journal

I completed a voluntary position at the Stuart Hall Arts Library. I have always been fond of the library since the archive, space and location is all to my liking. I thought taking on this position will not only aid me with my research but also my personal journey of stepping out of my reclusive bubble. The interview went well but most definitely could of gone better. Its just so difficult for me to communicate how much I want something when I’m so passionate about it. Do you guys ever feel that way? Luckily, I got the position and was immediately amazed by the magnitude of the collection. Whilst handling books, periodicals and exhibition catalogues that were older than I (by decades), an instant sense of belonging rushed over me. To go in to a library that caters directly to your interests is the most amazing experience. Though most of the voluntary work depended upon organisation, we were able to look at the collections and note down what intrigued us. Whilst organising the Journals, I …