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Happy 2017 & beyond.

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Since 2012 I have shared a ‘new year, new me’ post with you all. Discussing the woes and hopes for the future. You may have however, realised that I missed out 2015.  I am totally shameless to say that I was depressed, low, lost and underwhelmed by life’s wonder. Did I really just admit that? I lost a lot- myself included. In 2015, I went through 6 months of physical, mental and emotion war. But I got up- and sometimes that is all it takes…getting up.

Me & Art & Travel.

This year (May 2016) I actively decided to become the curator of my life- to wholeheartedly go for what I want and do what I love. My first love is still here. Unchanged and messy as ever; art. Every time I pick up that paintbrush I feel the exact same feeling. I still create, I still publish and I still and always will be making. I decided to leave the freelance life as I felt a void this year. The amazing (and complicated) things that social media has done to the arts has knocked me. In a time full of creatives (in its multitude of definitions) I chose to teach. Full of nerves and indecision I went for it and now in 2017 I will be a qualified educator. Growing, moulding and teaching young people has been the most eye-opening and challenging experience in my journey of education. I call it ‘reciprocal learning’. They are totally educating me about the world. Their world is different, more complex and pressing in every way. I hope to change that. (Art can change the world right?). Moreover, I went back home (The Caribbean) this year. I connected with nature, my family and the island in an inexplicable way. It’s fascinating what the sun can do. I marvelled at myself and had a transformative experience. I’m back with my hair loc’d and my mind geared with aspirations to live a minimal, content life. Remember how I always used to refer to love as a main factor in my year? Well. I decided to be the woman of my own dreams. My passions are clear, my goals are in process and my purpose (I have realised) is people. Altogether this year has been a compilation of learning and growth- evoked by two imperative things. Attitude and Response.

Through 2015’s heartache, death, difficulty and strife I chose to live. Living (in its multiple facets) is a choice, happiness too. If I could leave a piece  peace of learned advice it would be that you have an immense power to curate your life, to change your life. Not enough of us walk in that power; or even grasp the notion of having potential. We all have purpose; you have purpose; walk in that.

I haven’t written on here for some months. But the support you all show me is incredible. I’m so thankful and grateful. I will get back to writing about life, art and stuff. But for now, catch me on youtube, where I discuss all the above.

There is no better time than the new year to change, to be a better you and to go for what truly moves you.

Happy 2017…and beyond,

Alicia M x


Learned lessons:

  • Protect your peace
  • Be the woman of your own dreams
  • Travel back to where you’re from to find out who you want to be
  • Death is inevitable
  • Nature heals
  • Rejection is protection
  • If you go out on a date ask him what he does for a ‘life’ not a living
  • If it moves you, do it
  • When in doubt, dance.
  • Be unapologetically you
  • Just because ‘things’ get better doesn’t mean they get easy
  • It’s all about attitude and response
  • Self-love first
  • Just get up
  • God is always good.




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