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Artist Talk: Barbara Walker


Research based artist Barbara Walker lead a talk on her work as part of the lecture series at my university a couple of months ago. Walker’s work comments upon the discourses of social, political and visual representations. She lead the talk beginning with earlier works and began to delve deeper into the concepts behind the acclaimed residency Show and Tell. I have always had an admiration for the artist strategies and curational aesthetics of Walker’s work. The discussion of Show and Tell was the most informative and imperative part of this talk for me. She discussed how working in a larger dimension was symbolic to the assessment of power and societal relations. There has been an ever-present discourse around the construction of portraits and the artists relationship to the subject. She therefore spoke of painting unknown models versus known models, and the complexes of constructing the faces alongside conceptual ideologies. Another compelling segment of the talk was a general discussion of her journey to becoming a practising artist. Speaking on how essential time for reflection is and the significance of dedication was insightful and encouraging. Being at a crossroads between undergradate and graduate, there is an unending repetition of the future prospects. This, at times, can seem daunting and uncomfortable. But this artist talk gave me the strength to have faith in my own journey. This is a transit of independence and personal growth. Everything has its time. Thank you to Barbara Walker for the instillment of persistence and courage. See Walkers work here


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