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Kimathi Donkor Continued…

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 18.17.32As part of my universities Artist Lecture Series Kimathi Donkor was invited in to speak of his practice and journey as an Artist from 2004-2013. Having followed Donkor’s work for a number of years, I was curious about the transition of the communication of his practice from Peckham Space in 2013 to Middlesex University in 2015. Nevertheless, I continue to be absorbed in his concepts and his distinctive way of addressing deep-rooted discourses with the apparatus of paint. Being within the lecture theatre and listening to his presentation was remarkably familiar to me. It felt as though I was re-reading a book- and when you do so, it is understood on a deeper level. I now have a richer knowledge on the historical references and the paramount component of ‘appropriation’ appears clearer. I asked Donkor about the challenges of being a painter and spoke of the time, labour and artistic stamina that is imminent within this type of practice. He responded with “The labour is your decision…”. Sometimes something incredibly obvious is staring you in the face and you disregard it. Those words were what I needed to be captivated by at this particular moment where the stamina to create can run thin. That is the sensational aspect of Artist Talks in general- you are endlessly learning.


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