Month: December 2014

Dear Alicia,

Dear Alicia, How can you fathom 2014? Like any other year you have learned, grown and awoken. But something is different. Something has changed and left you with the innermost feeling of magic. You have met the most incredible people this year, some of which you have described as “Fine Art”-due to their energy, depth and vibrancy. As always, timing is everything- and you have learned that more than ever this year. Everything has come together; in an ethereal way. You’ve made leaps with understanding your practice and that has manifested into insightful responses. Which, of course has become cyclical. What was once frustration has come to light. You realise that you want need to create more. Art has become your sustenance; your everything. With the shining presence of Dayo, you’ve realised that infinite stamina is needed. This is your lifeline. You now understand that your purpose in life is to learn and share. Though of course you have attributes to work on. You are working on practising compassion and minimalism. You are trying to …


Too often after travelling, I find myself at a lost for words of how to express my feelings of being away. The notion of actually being away- physically, mentally and perhaps emotionally too. I had a conversation with my incredible friend Dayo about the dialogues surrounding home. I realised that I feel most comfortable in the sky; travelling. Whereever or whatever I make my home, it will translate. Because ‘Home’ to me has become a sensibility, a feeling- an insight. What life has taught me about being removed from my social constructs, is that the world is a learning space. My ventures are still incomplete. I suppose, in a way this is a “note to self” to keep that fire, that drive to return home. The wanderlust, I hope, will never cease.