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Book Review- The Diary of Frida Kahlo


To present your lifes journey and delve deep in to who you really are showcases vulnerability at its heighest point. It is of great difficulty to communicate the fear of life or the depiction of ones life struggles. Frida Kahlo documents the fight between health, love and artistry in ‘The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An initimate self portrait’. Having once studied Kahlo’s work, I have always felt a connection within the representation of culture and reality. However, dissecting this diary I have a new found passion for questioning the notions of self portraiture. What does it actually mean to embody ‘self’? Kahlo went through many earlier health struggles and later on in her teenage years suffered a near death experience (of which is illustrated in the majority of her famous paintings). Though many of us know the story and the paintings, we forget the writing. As I read on through the diary, which of course has pages of paintings and sketches, I began to get emotional. It is almost as though you can feel her pain; her ‘want’ to live. Frida Kahlo is an unnamed poet who beautifully describes her sensibilites. She kept this diary to express her thoughts mainly on love, or as she explains her “second accident” Diego Rivera. Throughout the diary there are a plethora of love letters to him, delicately profound and honestly written. This diary presents the true concept of honesty and freeness. What is means to be an Artist and to be a lover of life. Though I had read it in 2009, as I grow, love, lose and experience lifes endeavours I see the importance of re-reading. Please read it.


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