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Magical people

MPA homeless woman sat on the floor of my nearest underground station every day and night for about 5 years. One day I was on my travels, I no longer saw her. As they days went by my worries escalated. I had not known her, spoken to her but every now and then I would hand her change and tell her to stay safe. I wonder why I took on that responsibility-why did I see such hardship in her eyes? I wanted to do something, but I thought I was unable to. Researching homelessness I came across an organisation (which stood for the right things). I now permenantly work there with homeless and vulnerable adults. Talking to them, creating with them and most importantly, listening to them. Be vigilant, as some homeless people carry the stereotypical view, yet others flee for different reasons (domestic violence, mistreatment etc). Some of my members have burdened the deepest opressions of life. Yet, still have the care to smile- and the belief in magic. There are beautiful,BEAUTIFUL people in the world. As humanity stands, we should never forget our power-which in my belief is to help one another. As one of my members assured me that “infinite love is the only truth, everything else in an illusion…”-David Icke.

This is an awareness post. What does it mean to have a home?



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