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Filipe Branquinho @ Jack Bell Gallery


The fascinating notion of the photographer intertwining the background, scenery or landscape with the subject in question- has always been something I look forward to seeing whilst visiting photography exhibitions. Unusually but also captivatingly opposing this notion is Photographer Filipe Branquinho. Branquinho invites the viewer to see through his perception of contemplating the ‘inside out’. Divided by contemporary frames is the background environment of Rua de Bagmoyo and tranquil nude female models. The impression that I grasped from this exhibtion was quite different to the reviews I have read about. I immediately began to look at these portraits- and landscapes as pure architecture. The photographs individually compliment the importance of the divine intersection. The angles of the female human body were much like the incline of the structural building design. The hues were strong, vivid and cinematic giving me a chance to empathise with the subject but also feel the aura of the atmosphere. The skill of photography amazes me, to be able to evoke an emotion/ feeling through a still is an intelligent craft. This very interesting division created endless questions and comparisons. A big thank you Jack Bell Gallery for this wonderful exhibition! As a painter, I feel it is imperative to look at other forms of creation and juxtaposition.

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