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Artist Talk:Kimathi Donkor @ Peckham Space


Artist Talks have become a immense factor of my visual adventure. Artists perspective and personal journeys being told in a story form, presents a certain landscape for what could be upon my endeavour. Last week I was enlightened by the words of Kimathi Donkor at Peckham Space. Yet again, I found it difficult to compose how I truly felt about his insight,since his meanings spoke to me in such a rooted and ethereal form. This talk was part of the timeline of events from Donkor’s exhibition named “Daddy, I want to be a black Artist”. Alone, the title has many undertones of political narrative and social structure that inhabits within his practice. I was able to communicate with him and deliver my perspective on his work which turned out to be a fascinating coversation. Delving in to the Artists mind through his work is one thing, but being able to verbally gain his viewpoint was admirable. The most intresting topic of conversation that I personally found intriguing was about the economical benefits of being a creative. Practicing as a Black British Artist in the 80’s, meant that there was no stability or even grasp on financial or recognisable gain. He and others simply created with no expectation; it was organic. He spoke of his journey to becoming an Artist and how unhurried and natural the adventure was. But he made sure that persistence was the strongest and most ever-present attribute that is needed. This talk allowed me to ponder on my stance as a contemporary Black British creative. Moreover, this also influenced a spark of evolvement and change. It is massively important to stand for something. Donkor is incredibly humble within his intelligence and his work has extremely engaging visual narratives and thought-provoking compositons. See more of his work here. Thank you Peckham Space!

Donkor: “The one thing (you need) is persistence; you have to keep going.”

Guest: “What should you avoid?”

Donkor: “Defeat.”


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