Month: August 2013

Attraction:Ten-8 Photographic Journal

I completed a voluntary position at the Stuart Hall Arts Library. I have always been fond of the library since the archive, space and location is all to my liking. I thought taking on this position will not only aid me with my research but also my personal journey of stepping out of my reclusive bubble. The interview went well but most definitely could of gone better. Its just so difficult for me to communicate how much I want something when I’m so passionate about it. Do you guys ever feel that way? Luckily, I got the position and was immediately amazed by the magnitude of the collection. Whilst handling books, periodicals and exhibition catalogues that were older than I (by decades), an instant sense of belonging rushed over me. To go in to a library that caters directly to your interests is the most amazing experience. Though most of the voluntary work depended upon organisation, we were able to look at the collections and note down what intrigued us. Whilst organising the Journals, I …

Behind The Caribbean- July ’13

I visited both St.Lucia and Dominica in July/August. I have been plenty of times to both islands before but this time was different. Perhaps age has everything to do with perspective. I’ve never seen such an intertwine of beauty and discord. It was an upsetting, uplifting and learning experience. I can’t wait to paint some of these images. I’ve taken more photos but for me, this is personal, here’s a little peak in to my culture/journey. Enjoy! Copywritten by The Visual Life (TVL) © July 2013 Like this post? Visit Behind Mallorca