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The Power of sound/What is Art?


Iniva Exhibition 2013

I have been holding off on this piece of writing for a while. Only because I wanted to have experienced the matters that Karikis heavily focussed on whilst he was delivering his Talk. I felt as though this observation could solely be subjective. I can honestly say I never had a poignant connection with Sound Art prior to this Artist Talk. The simplest explanation I can give you, is that I never really listened. The most compelling question I gathered was “What is the power of nonsense? (Abstract sounds)”. I cannot stress the true power of this question alone. If we had a moment to look (or listen rather) to our day to day lives, we would notice that the attachment we have to sound is boundless. The most miniscule of gestures, emotions, activities, errands etc all have abstract sounds that we subconciously have a connection to. Another interesting subject was the sound of the human voice. A good example was given of the voice of an altermated call. How many companies use apologetic conversation, yet the genuine nature (within that voice)is lost. In relation, a great quote I heard earlier in the week was “People will tell you who they are, if you just listen to them.” On the whole, I believe we have lost or perhaps failed to acknowledged the power of sound. The amity within conversation is substantial. Conversation can be delivered also through music, with this time and age, this is an alarming matter. Musicians (Artists in their own right) have to power (through sound) to communicate a lifestyle. Yesterday I went to Greenwich (London). For those who are unaware, Greenwich has the River Thames at its doorstep. I could hear the voices, nature and the rivers movement. I forgot where I was and for that cathartic moment, I was content. I now understand by seeing and hearing both Boyce and Karikis’ works the importance of Art and being an Artist. Art is to communicate. To acknowledge, to educate, to revive.

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