Month: June 2013

Scat|Sonia Boyce: Sound and Collaboration @Iniva

Scat is a collaboration between Sonia Boyce and Invia. I have been finding it hard to collate the words to express my intense connection to this exhibition as a whole. Despite Sonia Boyce being my University Professor and not having communicated with her,I was eager to identify with her work from a visual stand point. Not only did I learn that she evokes similar matters as I, but also that she was one of the “many voices that spoke up in the 1980’s against the lack of representation in museums and galleries across the UK,of culturally diverse artists and curators…”-Iniva. In a sense, I have Sonia to thank as she may pave the way to a future career of mine. Entering the building I began on what would have been the final level, and worked my way down to what I assume was the central piece to this exhibition. Beginning with Oh Adelaide, I entered the room and viewed the piece throughout alone. It is a black and white video and sound piece that echos …

Behind Mallora- June ’13

Here are a few pictures of my recent trip to Mallorca- Spain. I was coming home pre-thinking about what to write as a wordpress post. Now, I’m here evaluating the photos, I see that many speak for themselves. This is behind the ‘party island’. Every time I travel, I return with a new mindset and a changed vibration. Something is telling me I will no longer reside in London. I want to see more of the World. The pictures were taken in Palma city,Palmanova and the Art Museum Esbaluard Copywritten by The Visual Life (TVL) © June 2013 Like this piece? Read Wanderlust