Month: May 2013

Book Review: Coming Up Roses by Cath Kidston

Coming Up Roses tells a story of a growing businees. I was so excited when my manager told me that for her 20th Anniversary of her business, Cath Kidston was going to release a book. I wanted to know what was behind what I sell to people on a weekly basis. I thought it would be interesting to read about the growth but what I understood was so much more. I quickly realised that this was a product that I was passionate about selling.You would initally think that this is just another strong business venture, but in my opinion this release was more of a sharing mechanism. She begins by delving in to her early life, family, job-wise and passion. We finally learn more about Cath as a person. Its amazing to see the direct growth of a business in so much detail. To some, the detail may be long-winded and endless but this is exactly the distinct direction you will need in order to start a business. What I found the most interesting part of …

Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou @Jack Bell Gallery

I am so excited to say that I have now viewed the Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou exhibition at the Jack Bell Gallery. Showcasing his new show ‘Citizens of Porto-Novo’ Agbodjelou challenges both the social means and perception of Porto-Novo’s body builders. Whilst of course, beautifying Africa’s traditional colours,prints and culture. There is an immediate vibrancy when you enter JB’s intimate gallery. The scale of the pieces throw you in to the photographs. I believe the core subject to this exhibition was the combination of a dramatised act with an authetic touch, this series tells a colourful story. I love to see powerful hues opposing and complimenting each other in harmony. The concept of the flowers was such a wondrous feature. The instant difference between a figure of masculinity holding an object with pride of which coinsides with feminity was visually compelling. I’m thinking about the colours and getting so excited because I plan to travel to Africa very soon! Best photographic exhibition I have seen in a very long time! 1-25 May Free Admission!

Nobuyoshi Araki @Michael Hoppen Contemporary

Today I went to see Nobuyoshi Araki’s new show at the Michael Hoppen Contemporary gallery (Showcasing works from 1980-2000). If you have ever attended the MHC before you know that the space itself is phenomenal. Though I’ve seen a few pieces of the Japanese born photographer’s work at the Tate, I had always wanted to see his photographic pieces in a deeper form. Araki is best known for his exploration of human sexuality. As I entered the first floor was closed, therefore I had to start at the very top and eventually work my way down to the first part of the exhibition. So in essence my journey was back to front. With hindsight I can see the importance of the adventure and recommend that you start from the beginning. The first part of the exhibtion was geared towards culture, feminity and response. Divine photographs of women in Kimono’s staring moitonless at the camera. Beautifully detailed combinations of landscapes and people. There was a true juxtaposition of colour and black and grey hues. Depending on …