Month: April 2013

Keep your curiousity sacred.

Intrigued by its simple front cover and a quick flick through, I grabbed this issue of Oh Comely and headed to a meeting in November. If I was ever to create a magazine, this is what it would look like. An uncomplicated white layout, with personal touches of handwriting. Captivating stories and entrancing photography. Recipes and divine life lessons. Every month I wait for it. A magazine with no aim at any gender. A universal read. I needed to share this with you guys. If you have a WHSmiths near you, pick up one. I guarantee you won’t put it down! Advertisements

Instagram: Are we talking?

Does anyone remember the times when we used to develop photographs? Wistful moments of sitting in my living room looking at countless funny photos of younger days? Happier moments? Why don’t we have that anymore? I understand that the evolution of technology is envitable and life has to move forward. But do we really have to let go of the memory keepers? I have been battling with myself whether to get Instagram back again. I was thinking a while ago that many of these apps are a huge barrier to actual human conversation. I can see the business opportunities and such that come along with it, but life still has to be lived outside of it all. Right? My assured love for taking photos and attraction to documentation sticks to the ‘Pro’s’ side of the fence. However, my amity with fresh conversation and genuine reaction tells me otherwise. For now, I’m going to stick to printing. I have a vision later on in life, which is so very (and ironically) similar to my childhood memoirs.

Something you need…

I have worked in Retail for about 3 and a half years now. I have always told myself that if I was to sell anything to anyone it would be books. I want to sell people something they needed instead of something they want. My parents made it known to my sister and I from the very beginning of time (lol) how important reading is. Being at University, I am fully seeing the essential means. Not only does reading take you in to completely different worlds but the life lessons that come out of certain books is unimaginable. It is an endless knowledge. Please, if you are reading this post and you haven’t read in a while: Pick up a book. Because as you get older, it only gets harder.

‘Keywords’ @Iniva

I went to my favorite place yesterday; Invia. Originally, the book ‘Keywords’ was created by Raymond Williams. Within the book itself he explored the relationship between social, cultural and educational studies. Thus altogether becoming (in a sense) a visual culture. The works are presented from 1976 to present day. It is an extremely visual exhibiton. Though I believe reading the book,or in short the leaflet gives you a completely different insight on the works. I must include, every time I go to Iniva the Curators do an exquiste job. The use of space and time is paramount, Grant Watson most definitely used space symbolically. As you enter, you are immediately greeted by carpet. Yes! Carpet! Which strangely has this nostalgic feel. But later becomes so much more profound, as the primary coloured words literally surround you inticing all senses. One might look at it as a very puzzling,bewildering experience. To be quite honest I did feel on edge with the Sonic Art, mix media photographic work,video installations and Op Art all in one space. Which …