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phonto(2) I have always had this incredible hunger to see the World. Perhaps because Its been installed in me from an early age. I’ve been taught that travelling is essential. Its so easy to get wrapped in to a daily routine of a structural way of living. I think travelling takes your mind away. So I’ve got myself some preserving accessories and decided to start saving up for my spending money. I haven’t travelled in an aeroplane in 2 years and I’m going away in exactly 99 days (points for precision! haha). I think its so important to sense what life is like in another place so I plan to work/live abroad in the near future. But I don’t doubt that London will always be the place I call home. I’m so ready to get on that plane with hopefully no worries and just live my life abroad. There’s nothing better. If you happen to come by this post randomly/by chance and you haven’t travelled before; please do. My belief is that you haven’t truly lived until you’ve travelled! Now and again I’ll have these Silioquy moments of continous thought. I felt as though I had to get this down. Share your great experiences of Wanderlust with me 🙂



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